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The internet has greatly contributed to the society. It has caused a great effect in the way we live. The Educational system and various industries have enjoyed the fruit of this advance technology over the years. Because of the internet even small businesses have already found their place in the vast sea of online consumers.

We have to always remember that, without website traffic there will be no business. Here are 5 SEO TIPS FOR INDEPENDENT BUSINESSES that could help to make one’s business flourish.

  1. Do you have a mobile friendly design for your website? Tablets and Smartphones produce 35% of organic traffic. Make sure to prioritize mobile optimization for all business websites and business pages. Google recently brought out a new algorithm update called ‘Mobilegeddon’ and are now considering mobile user friendly as a way to rank signals for global mobile search results.
  2. Ensure to Address Google Business Matters: To ensure that your business page is completely optimized and accurate, prioritize putting your exact business location on Google map. Double check important information to make sure they are accurate. Example Business operating hours, contact information, shipping infomation and payment options. Add your business website on Google+. Get feedbacks from clients to give your page an additional boost.
  3. Work on Strategic Location Pages: An independent business owner can make his/her business a success, by working on a well detailed and strategic location web pages including relevant content and explanatory keywords. To get high optimum search results, make sure to include your exact target area, county and city on the tag title and H1 headers.
  4. Meta Descriptions are significant: A small business owner can add up to the value of each site visitor by using the meta description to further explain what makes your website above the others and how and why your products and services meet your clients needs and why they should consider you.
  5. Include your website on business directories: One of the best ways to get noticed online is to get listed on online business directories. Consumers often visit directories to look for products and services that they need. When a business owner is listed on the directory, it increases the chance of website traffic and business transactions.

Independent business owners can now have the fighting chance in being seen online. SEO is not only for business giants.